Gingerbread man

Today is the first time I attempted to do a gingerbread man at the request of my 3rd little one. Apparently, he went to take the premix off the shelves in the supermarket last Sunday and insisted me to make for him. Looking at my piles of marking and preparation of the new module to run the next day, I have to reject but promised to make it on Wednesday as it is a public holiday. 

Hence, I went to re-look at the ingredients on the box and went to buy eggs and butter and a gingerbread cutter but it comes with a Xmas package consisting of reindeer, snowman, stocking cutters as well. But just for the little gingerbread man cutter, I got the package. Well, I can use it to make cookies I thought.

The instructions on the package was quite easy to understand and within minutes, I figured out and just do a trial and error.

First version look like this…

he is so fluffy!

Subsequently I decided to add some beanies which came in the package as well… And yeah the package comes with a free gingerbread man cutter.

with decoration

The dough can make 12 pieces, very soon, most were eaten.

The kids loved it and I was glad to make my little one so happy with the gingerbread man. He kept telling me it would run away… 🙂

My girl was all smiles and she took two pieces to school for breakfast today. 

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