Unexpected surprise

This month, I think I am down on my luck. Firstly, some amount of money was lost, secondly, I was down with bad lung infection and thirdly, that was the last real surprise that just 1 week before I am due to depart for Australia, news of the hospital’s refusal to allow me for clinical posting was informed by my course coordinator. 

This is real bad news to me as it took months for me to prepare and bought flight tickets and found a nice accommodation just opposite the hospital. If this visit don’t go through, it means I got to lose big money again. 

I was so affected that it affected my emotion and not at my best at work. Hopefully, the international liaison unit in the university can do something about it or else I will be just going there to spend an entire 2 weeks doing nothing but spending time just being a child minder. I don’t mind doing so but given a chance, if I knew such things will happen, I rather stay put in Singapore and do my local postings and mind my children in our familiar settings. 

Hubby has a different view though… He just feels that it’s God’s will and we just go there and relax and I do not think about work there. But I guess it would be hard since I have so many things at work to settle.

Well, I leave it to God. But we will still make the travel or else any changes or cancellation still means a big hole to our pockets. 

Just pray for our family.

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