3 is enough

Every now and then, I have people asking me if No. 4 is on the way, my initial response would be, “do I look that pregnant to you?”

Though the temptation to have No. 4 is great, but I always try to self- talk and putting positive thinking in me. First of all, if ever we are doing to have a vote on some matters, there would always be an odd – whereby majority would win. Secondly, a sedan car would cater to 5 people exactly. Thirdly, my kids are already at least 4 years old.. I have a bit of more freedom and I can fulfil my dreams and studies. Fourthly, no one can guarantee No.4 is a girl and lastly, my three kids πŸ’– one another, though they will dote on the last kid, but ultimately, I think their age gap are quite close and they are used to their existence for so long. Who knows if No.4 comes out, they may have an age gap. 

In conclusion, no No.4. But if one day I am blessed with one, I will still accept it as it comes and try my best to be provide infant care again. πŸ™‚
Even the common seats comes in 5! πŸ™‚
Just nice for 5//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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