Why I am not going on with the challenge 

Sad to say, I have decided to cut my entries in A-Z April Challenge short as I really have no time to do it. Initially, I have great enthusiasm for this blogging activity. But last minute, there are so many things to settle at work, and I have studies. By the time I reached home, another set of work begins which is housework.

Since I have back logged so many days, I decided to stop and if there is a next challenge- of course work burden must have lessened and on vacation for my studies, I would 💖 to take up the challenge again.

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  1. Don’t fret, you can only cope with so much, you can try again next year.
    I’m managing to keep up with the posts, mainly because I wrote many of them last month, but I regret not being able to read and comment on many of the posts other bloggers are posting, life is pretty busy at the moment with shifting and still running a farm which doesn’t have an internet connection, so I have to go to my townhouse to post (35 kms away).
    All the best with your studies, looking forward to reading your future posts.
    Happy days.

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