A-Z April Challenge: H

H for Housework.

Yes, housework.

Housework is never ending. When I was young, I always thought to myself why on earth my mother is always handling housework…it’s the most deadliest thing to happen to any woman on earth. There is no pay, no one appreciates and the poor hands are the one to suffer.

As time goes by, when I was in my teens, my mother started training me to do housework…I loathed it so much that I only took on the job of vacuuming the floor only. At that time, my mother was quite kind to us. I was in charge of vacuuming while my sister was in charge of mopping.

One day, I got a house with my husband.

My days numbered.

Housework, housework…never ending….

The clothes always piled up in the laundry area, after washing, time to fold and some need to be ironed. I hate this cycling process.

The dishes have to be washed…the floor needs to be vacuumed and mop- well…the dust don’t seem to lessen…it just add on in areas where it cannot be reached. Not forgetting that there is still a yearly spring-cleaning to do before Chinese New Year.

I know of women who love housework and are proud of their work when people complimented their house is neat, tidy and very clean. You can feel it squeaky clean. This one person that I am commenting on is none other than my mother. However, to working mums, this is out of the questions. If you are handling a job which requires a lot of planning and implementation everyday, it’s never possible to have a perfect squeaky clean house with no dust.

That’s where innovation come in like robots vacuum cleaners…but ultimately, nothing is cleaner than manual housework. Just that the effort is many times bigger!

My eldest one has started to help me with the housework these days. As much as I do not want to burden her with housework, she told me that in school, she learnt that she must help me with housework. How to reject her? Hee... #blog

A little training for my girl. Hope when the kids grow up, they can help in housework too…very familiar, right? When asked to do housework when I was young….

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