A-Z April Challenge: G

G-I shall say it’s Gracious.

It is hard to define what is grace. However, in God’s kingdom, grace means he gave His Son to us for our salvation.

In this modern world, I have nothing to give to others for salvation.

What I can do is to treat people with kind words and kind actions. I see that in the working world, some colleagues can talk harshly to others and it can be painful to the person who is hearing it. I am not someone who will go and correct people but sometimes, I need to use a bit of sarcasm to hint to the person that she/he is too harsh. On the other hand, I will comfort the person and not to think too much of the words being used. It can be hard for the person to forget. Being myself, I would talk my way out into another perspective for the person to see.

I am a person with a lot of internal thoughts. Introverts are good at that. Right?

Whatever it is, at the end of the day, my joy is getting people to see the other side of life. Once they see it, and make their day great, I felt good too!




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