A-Z April Challenge: F

F- failure

Failure is the mother to success.

A quote which I used often to motivate my students.

Frankly speaking, I experienced this myself and I believe that with determination and effort, anyone can turn failure into success. Failure allows us to re-look into the whole situation, analyse what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. It allows us to learn and look from another perspective. It might not be a bad thing at all.

I have found that most parents 💖 to protect their children. It’s right but not to the extreme. They became helicopter parents. Always hovering round their children and defend them when they got bullied or come to their rescue when they need help.

As a mother, I let my kids explore. I do not restrain them. In fact, I only told them the safety boundaries and if they happen to go out of it, any consequence, they would have to face it. I like them to learn from mistakes and try not to let it happen again. This also applies to their academics. I do not send them for tuition classes, as long as they are able to resolve it with their teachers and keep their grades within A,B,C….I am contented.




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