Deadlines, Datelines, whatever lines

Lately, the amount of work is piling up. I have been trying to clear but little by little. I tried to clear during my working hours, but my never ending meetings can be a big obstacle to clear my work. While I try to restrict bringing work back, it’s really hard but yet, when I did bring back the work, it never gets done as well, I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and these roles are enough to keep my toes up and never get a proper rest. The additional work tasks are house work and not forgetting my kids’ school work, especially Maths, English and Chinese. YEs! I supervise them and correct them and I try to understand their formulaes so that they can get a reasonable answer.


Initially, I wanted to plan to take a leave during March, now I don’t think it is going to materialize. Another 1.5 months, the course starts.

Ok…my countdown shall start and no more procrastinating!

Ohh…my studies is starting soon too- 11 more days to go….Glups!!

My deadlines …I just cannot think about it. I guess, my to-do list is currently my best friend.

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