At attempt to make fried crabsticks

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and I have to admit, it is usually the times where goodies are presented on the dining table. Each of the family members have always got this temptation to finish up the whole container. Especially hot favourites like potato sticks, cuttlefish, love letters and arrowheads. The goodies can cost a lot and crabsticks like this is sold for like $8 for a container, depending on the place you buy.

I recently found a recipe (forgot the link of the blog). It was very simple to make fried crabsticks usually the air fryer. A little oil needed. Moreover, the total cost is less than $3/- for a small container.

All you have to do is to shred the crabstick into shreds, like 0.5cm in breadth. Mix it well with a little bit of sesame oil and there, you go just put it into the air fryer for like 10 mins. Remember to toss a few times like 3 mins, 3 mins, 4 mins intervals. It was interesting to know that, while it is being fried, the crabsticks are also flying about. I noticed a few strips were actually out of the basket.

I did not capture the tossing quite well as seen on the picture below.

Crab sticks

How was your attempt? Do share with me your outcome of the fried crabsticks.

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