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I have been participating in a blogging community which encourage us to take a step in visiting other blogger’s blog and leave comments if we can share their sentiments. Well, WordPress reader enables us to search for blogs and I decided to type in words like “nurse”, “Blythe”, “parenting” and more and hopes to read other’s experiences. One of the words I typed was Singapore and it churned out a number of entires with the word Singapore on it. It led me to a reader’s blog, Alexander who is currently studying in Singapore.

He left his comments and told me he like my “about me” section as I have multiple roles to play and commented this…

“we play so many roles in our so complex world, that it’s important not lose your Self behind these roles”

This left me thinking over last night and indeed, it nailed into my heart. Sometimes, while performing the roles, I have dilemmas and sandwiched between or even among the roles. I have to weigh the pros and cons and settle for the best one which in turn, would override some of my principles and family values and start having conflicts.

Self? I lost it.

Hubby always reminded me of our family values and principles, but on the other hand, I have my parents. Really, it’s hard to say out at times, I am still learning how to be more assertive and maintain myself (which can be very difficult and situations are tricky).



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