Out of the Vox: Tree

Last week, my boys were watching the new Chinese New Year songs on YouTube and there was a new compilation for 2016.

Hub was watching half way and signalled me to the direction of the boys who were paying extreme attention to the tv screen. 

Well, their faces were smiling away when they saw the ladies singing. Out of curiosity, hub asked who were their dream girls.

Hub: “so DS, who is your dream girl?”

DS: *face smiling away* “I don’t know”.

Hub: “really don’t know?”

DS: *shrugged his shoulder*

Hub: “hey, DI, who is your dream girl?”

DI: “three”

Hub was taken aback and told me there were 3 ladies singing and said “wow, all three, so greedy”.

DI: “no, no, tree…. There, the tree”

Hub: *speechless*

The next day, we managed to find out that one of the girls was his favourite. So we wondered what is his meaning of the three or tree.

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