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Today’s daily prompt is “Sink or Swim”.

I rarely talk about work here as I do not mix personal with work.

However, for today’s topic, I shall talk about the time I had a load of assignments plonked onto me. Actually, not a sudden plonking but rather, a gradual one.

I was accepting the assignments bit by bit when I realised that when it added up, it’s a whole stack. Colleagues who read this post will know what I meant.

Deadlines- yeah, in my workplace, there are deadlines. If the deadlines are very close, we have to learn to meet it.

I am a very last minute person and can take stress well and quietly.You know, that last minute adrenaline rush and the job satisfaction you gain after you hand in that assignment? I like the thrill and for those who are “last minuters”, you get what I mean. I tried to plan early, but the kick is not there and many times, I forgot what I wanted to do, even though I put it in my “to-do” list.


Well, back to my sink or swim….

With the whole load of deadlines, I decided to swim across. The late nights, the last minute palpitations, the endless cups of coffees helped. No doubt, my work cleared, but I can feel the effects on my health.

Being a full-time working mother, it’s no joke. I have to settle all my kids to bed and for that period of time, the sleeping time is by 9pm. This would help me to focus on my work without interruptions from my kids.

On top of that, currently, I am studying part-time too. Semester is starting this March and though I am preparing for my assignment that is startingĀ in April, I have a hunch, I might go back to the “sink or swim” situation.

the wave of assignment tsunami is coming again….yeah, I feel it.

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