When I was young, my mother often complained to me about her backache and it was on a daily basis. The most “dreadeD” word to me, back then, was “Massage”. Hence, I often had to help her to massage and relieve her discomfort.

When I grow older and have my own kids, I often found myself having backache. It could be due to posture, usually standing or sitting. That’s when the vicious cycle comes out and often asked my gal to give me a massage as well. My gal will sometimes give me that impression “why me again?” I do not want to rely on painkillers too as there are side effects.

Looks like, I really got to look into my daily routine. Exercise is seriously lacking in it. I have always been on my toes, working and coming back home and continue to do housework. By the way, housework does not equate to exercise. The cardio output need to increase, I often muttered to myself.

2016- will I be able to exercise at least twice a week?

Let’s shall see….if you have any better ideas of motivating one to exercise, do share with me ok?




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  1. Yes, I’m a Grandmother also Great Grandmother of 12 children, I like reading articles like yours, bring back good memories.
    As for exercise, I’m a great walker, but you need time to do that, busy life being a farmers wife.
    Take out time in your busy life for yourself and yes walk, each week walk a little further and think about what you are going to write about next in your blog, amazing what you see that will give you some great ideas for future stories.
    Happy days enjoy your grandchildren, they grow up very quick.

    1. Thanks for hearing that you like to read my articles. Yeah, I am trying to plan some time for exercise like brisk walking. But if I were to do that, nobody takes care of my children.

          1. oh, I meant lose a few, gain a few, probably like everyone else does it… starve self then eat lots. Repeat! 🙂 I do find paleo works which sucks because I love bread and pasta and sweet things, but on the good side: no hunger, I can eat as much as I like.

  2. I suppose this is an obvious one to you, but I wondered why you needed to do cardio exercises if you have a back ache. Shouldn’t it be better to do core strengthening exercises?

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