Today’s daily prompt is titled “Unpopular”.
There was a time that I had to choose between a popular and an unpopular (not really since it’s a new school) for my child who had to start her primary school soon.

It was between a well-known, highly sought after primary school called “N” vs a new school called “S” which had only Primary 2 students.
I initially wanted to send my kid to N school. However, as time passed by, I decided to change to S school instead. Here’s why:

1) N school is very competitive
2) N school is a very well-established school routine and firm rules with students
3) N school is also opened on Sundays, I believed for other classes or activities that they were having and some of the kids have to attend school
4) the building looks crampy.

5) S school is new- the furnitures are considered in mint condition
6) more spaces for my kid to run
7) a new school equates to new ideas of learning and teaching
8) new facilities
9) no intense competition among the kids
10) just right in front of my house.

That decision was made 1 year ago, till now, there was no regret. My kid came back home everyday, saying “School was fun”, “I love that teacher Ms….blah blah blah…”, “My bro should go to same school as me too”.
Very importantly, she missed school when it’s the long holidays.

Hence, the unpopular choice turned out to be a good one afterall.

Do you ever have to choose a popular or an unpopular choice?
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