“who I am and why I’m here”

Hi, I am Ally, a full time working mum and have been blogging since 2004. The reason why I blogged before and now have a different focus. In the past, I used to blog about daily mundane tasks that I had been doing and I thought it was sort like a documentary of my life. However, as years passed and started my family, my focus changed and decided to blog about my little journey as a mother and a full time working mum. I wanted to share my experiences nurturing my little ones and the experiences I had so that it will become one of my memories in later part of life. Likewise, I hope to meet more parents and exchange our views and experiences.

Sometimes, I may be busy with work, thus I skipped some of the milestone of my kids. However, with 2016 starting, I really hope to update as regularly so that I won’t be missing any important event or a simple snapshot in my journey as a mother.

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  1. What a great reason to blog, Ally! I’d been able to do this for my son (born in 1990, so the process wasn’t available then). It will be a visual treasure for you and your family.

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