A convenient way to juice

A few days ago, I wanted to come up with a new marinade for the lamb meat which I bought. I took off a recipe from all recipes and bought the necessary condiments to make the marinade.

Lemons were actually one of the items on the list and I was thinking about how to get the 1/4 cup of juice. 

I recalled that I saw something for juicing in the cupboard a few times and went to search for it.

It was easy to use. Just cup over the lemon head and screw deep down. Press around the lemon and the juice will be held inside till I wanted to pour it out. How convenient it was. Moreover, there were markings on the cup so that you will know when to stop. 😉

This is how it looks like.   
Definitely a must keep! 

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      1. Honestly I don’t know why but it works. My MIL (mother in law) taught it to me. We use so many lemons here in Turkiye its a forever battle to get the most out of them

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