Our Staycation @ Crowne Plaza

Hubby booked this particular hotel for DI’s birthday celebration and to let us enjoy a good holiday stay over the festive period. It was a 3 days 2 nights staycation.

Why Crowne Plaza?

The kids loved the airport a lot and they loved to see airplanes. Why not?

I would like to say that our staycation at Crowne Plaza was a pleasant and happy one. The environment was cosy, except we were worried that we might not be able to sleep well due to the flights taking off.

We asked for an early-check in. However, we were told it was not guaranteed but the hotel staff would try for us. We reached there around 2pm and were told there was a room for us!

This is us, taking some wefies at the hotel’s lobby. DI was feeling elated and excited, so are the older siblings. The christmas decorations were simple. I liked the pyramid of balls that is used as a cushion. I found it quite unique.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

The whole process took around 20 mins to complete and off we went up to our hotel room. It was level 8. The moment, we stepped in, hubby and I were impressed with the neatness of the room. Maybe, we loved rectangles room ba.
Crowne Plaza Staycation

A glimpse of the hotel room. I ๐Ÿ’– the bathroom a lot. Simple design.

This is a deluxe king room. Before I could take a nice picture, the kids have already taken over the bed, so pardon the untidiness.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

This is the bathroom. I ๐Ÿ’– the shower head.
Crowne Plaza Staycation

This is the coffee/tea area. It’s nice that they have an espresso machine.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

The ambience of the room was cosy and I liked it. The kids felt like it’s their own home.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

We stayed in the room for a while and after that we went for our dinner. When we came back to the hotel room, it was in the evening and we watched cartoon network together with the kids.

Next morning, a sight awaited me. Gasps!

Crowne Plaza Staycation

I realised that perhaps, after all, our room faces the nice scenery of Changi Airport. We can see what was happening at the runway, with the planes queued up and ready to take off. The sky was beautiful too.

Next, after breakfast, we went to recce the swimming pool. Sad to say, the water level is 1.2m and at some areas, it was 1m. I decided not to let the kids dabble in the water for safety sake. The kids, of course were sad. But they could have another alternative. *winked*

Crowne Plaza Staycation

The shower gel smells nice and it’s only the 2nd day that I realised what I missed.
Crowne Plaza Staycation

As it was the 2nd day of staycation and was DI’s actual birthday, we decided to dine at Azur. We missed the online booking which we can get 15% discount off the total bill, however, the staff at Azur was nice enough to let us have the 15% discount. On top of that, they got to hear it was DI’s birthday.

I was happy that I can eat my oysters at last. The kids were also happy to have their fill of pastas, broccoli, sushi…and of course, ice-cream, pastries too.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

See their faces?

I ๐Ÿ’– the desserts section. They have nutcrackers as decorations and the pastries were full of xmas decoration as well.

Before we left, we got DI a little slice of cake, sang happy birthday song and called the bill.

What’s surprised us was that the staff at Azur presented DI a special cake. The kids sang another time of birthday song to their dear brother. The cake was very nice.Each of us took a bite.

Crowne Plaza Staycation

Thanks, Azur for making our evening a memorable one.

We stayed in the hotel for most of the time, enjoying every minute of it and had pillow fight with the kids.

Third day came and it was the last day of staycation. However, I am a member and our check-out time was 2pm. So there were still some time left for us to enjoy. The kids were feeling down that the staycation was over so fast. However, hubby and I make a deal that we would come back again!

Before I end, I am glad to say that all the while we stayed there, the noise pollution from the flights were at a minimum and we slept peacefully over the nights.

*Thumbs up*

*Disclaimer:ย This is a non-sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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