An Outing to the Zoological Gardens

In October, I planned some programmes for my family after my course run completes on 27th November. I decided to take my kids to the zoological gardens using our staff benefits and decided to do so on the 9th Dec.

Reasons for this outing:

  1. I have never visit the zoo with my children
  2. it has been a good 20 over years since I last visited the zoo

It was definitely excited for me to go with them, and go ga-ga over the animals.

Hubby, of course cannot reject this outing as he need to be there for the kids as well and I am sure the kids would šŸ’– their daddy around to “protect” them if they see the tigers, lions or snakes.

This trail started off our journey. The kids were figuring out how to read the map and where they could see certain animals.

Zoological Gardens

These collages summed up our trip to the zoo. You could see that the kids were happy about it, posing with the animals.
Zoological Gardens

Our favourite animals were the elephant and the polar bear. Too bad, Mr Polar Bear decided to take a swim in the drizzle and refused to come back to his air-conditioned den. We saw some rhinoceros too and DS was definitely happy about it and kept pronouncing “rhi…no..cer..ous..”
Zoological Gardens

We were glad to view more animals when we ventured deeper into the zoo. Here, we managed to see giraffes. Too bad, baby giraffe boy was not let out due to the rain.

Zoological Gardens

It was definitely a worthwhile trip as we managed to cover 3/4 of the zoo. We went to the kids’ water play but did not let the kids went for the play as it was raining and well, we forgot their swimming attire. :/ Nevertheless, the kids were good enough to understand and forego water play.

The boys took a picture with “Ah Meng”, the statue was made to remember our iconic ah meng. I told the kids that Ah Meng had passed away, and they kept asking me for the reason.

Oh yes, I forgot to share one important fact I observed in the zoo.

At the Cats section, hubby and I were surprised to see that the pair of lions’ enclosure were facing the zebras. This madeĀ me recall those wild life documentariesĀ that captured the lions chasing after the zebras for their meat. What made it more interesting was when we visited the lions, their back was facing the zebras and I made a joke to hubby that the lions wanted to stopĀ looking at the zebras as they looked tempting to them.

We spent like 4-5 hours in the zoo and it was really a memorable trip for us. Will visit the zoo again in the near future.

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