16th Anniversary

Today is our 16th Anniversary. This 16 anniversary marks the date where my husband and I met. 16 years ago, this date coincided with Deepavali.

I remembered that a few days back in 1999, hubby and I have communicated through sms text after he came back from his army trip to Thailand. We arranged to meet up on 7 Nov 1999 at Woodlands- Causeway Point’s Burger King at 2.30pm (if the time is correct). However, I was at my Indian’s friend’s place as she had invited us over for a simple lunch. I was late for our appointment as I left my friend’s house at a later time and I even told my friend that I was meeting him. My friend wished me luck and off I went to meet him at Causeway Point.

When I reached, there was no one in sight. Quickly, I took my phone and texted him where he was. At that time, I saw a middle-aged man took up his phone and read….*my mind went into palpitations…what if it was him, should I run? Those were the questions in my mind.

After a while, a young men dressed in his black armani T-shirt said “hi” to me. Shyly, I introduced myself and we decided to go to Burger King to have a simple tea break but it was full set meals. We chit chat a bit and after finishing our lunch, we decided to walk through Causeway Point mall. We walked past a Neoprint machine ( popular photo taking booth machines in those days) and decided to take a picture of ourselves.

As he had to meet his friends in the evening time, we decided to go back. That was around 5.30pm. We parted ways at the MRT platform and communicated though text. He messaged me that he was sorry that he could not send me home. I told him, it was fine.

At that time, we arranged a time to chit chat in ICQ- 9pm was the chatting session.

Over ICQ, we chatted a bit and he asked me to be his gf.

I thought it was fine and I decided to try, so I agreed. It was not desperate, I swear.

So this is how 16 years ago, we became an item. The journey definitely was not an easy one since we both have our different point of views and ways of doing things.

However, during these 16 years, we know how one thinks/feel…call it telepathy but we felt comfortable being with each other and tries to complete each other sentence without much difficulty.

Happy Anniversary!

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