Out of the Vox- I want milk!

Time flies and my little Danien is already into his 19th month. He has already started walking somewhere in his 15th month and has started talking. I guess the speech was around 8th-9th month when he started calling for “daddy” and “mummy”.

Recently, he started to talk in short sentences like ” I want milk, I want blanket” in the early morning. I was excited and proud that he could talk in sentences.

He could also tell me whether it was a sunny day or rainy day. Best part is, he could remember numbers from 1-10 in English, Chinese and Malay. My helper doted him like her son that she always teach him new things. It is no wonder he treat her like a mom. So Guilty! Hope to converse with him more.

Oops forgot to add that… his first sentence was “I don’t want” when he was in his 10th month.

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