Out of the Vox: Don’t sell my Barbies

Yesterday, hubby and I brought Avel to the shopping mall to get some IT equipment for our home. Hubby wanted to do up our IT storage so it’s like a mini “cloud storage” at home, furthermore, he wanted to better up our wireless frequency as we keep facing wireless loss while surfing the net.

As we all know, IT gadgets are something which will lose its value over time as new gadgets are out. Lately, hubby and I sold away all our Apple products and used those cash to upgrade to better things. While I was paying for the items, Avel brought Hubby out of the shop and talked to him.

Hubby came to me and told me that Avel also know how to trade for toys. I was surprised. This was how the conversation went.

Avel: “Daddy, I want to sell my toys away so that I can get new toys”. (soft voice)

Hubby: “Huh what?”

Avel: “I want to sell my toys but don’t sell my barbie dolls away, please.I want to buy new toys.” (normal voice)

This is the way she views “trade in”.

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