Out of the Vox: Ah boys o men

Apparently, the Ah Boys to Men fever is still hot in our humble bode.
Danson is still excited and happy whenever he heard “Recruits Anthem”, so is Avel.
They will sing something like that…”ah boys to men, serving 2 years, for our nation, our country…..blah blah”
But it keeps them entertained!

Danson is always excited whenever he sees someone in army uniform on the street and he goes….
“ah boys o men…..”

Hubby always have to correct him.
“Danson, it’s not ah boys old men! Those are young boys, not old men….”
But there are times where the reservist guys are out there flagging for taxis and on hearing Danson shouting “Ah boys old men”, Hubby will nod his head, yeah…it’s ah boys old men.

*scratches head* sometimes, I cannot stand these 2 gentlemen.

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