Out of the Vox: Sleeping

Avel has been talking to me these few days and one of the conversations she had with me was that she felt sleepy and this was how it went…

Avel: “Mummy, I want to speed…”

Me: “Sleeping? You mean?”

Avel: “Yes, I want to speed…”

I roughly know what she wanted and brought her to the bedroom’s little mattress, settled her comfortably.

Me: “Avel, it’s not speed….it’s sleep. Follow mummy. SSsssss, leep.”

Avel: “Speed.”

Me: “No, it’s S- leep. Say properly.”

Avel: “Speed.”

Scratches head….

Me: “Ok ok…pronounce SLEEPING.”

Avel: “Sleeping.”

Me: ” Good, you got it. Now say sleep.”

Avel: “Speed….”

Me: “S-leep.”

Avel: “Speed.”

I gave up….will try again.


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