July 2018

July 2018 was a horrid month as there were many to-do list to complete. Up till now, I can not believe how I have struggled through that month. What were my to-do list you may wonder….

  1. to plan skills assessment for over 600 students – the logistics and schedule
  2. to guide a fellow colleague (new) to plan the scenarios for the conso and ensuring that the pre- and post- tests were ready
  3. to run my own clinical project for my Master’s and to complete the assignment within 2 weeks
  4. my dog’s death
  5. my dad’s medical appt
  6. kids work
  7. housework
  8. ndp rehearsals

There were many more which were considered minor but all came at one go. At that time, my mind was looking forward to the start of August as many of the tasked should be completed by then.

Indeed, when 1st Aug arrived, I heaved a sigh of relief….a relief that felt the rock in my heart got dropped out of the mind. Aug is busy too…with the completion of the module I was running, I have to consolidate all the marks, complete my marking and entering of the marks within 2 weeks. The following week will be the start of another program…….leaving me with exactly a month to plan for another course which I will be taking for a total of 2 years. Not really wanting to think about it now. I will just take a day at a time.

Goodnight World!


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