Birthday surprises

This year’s birthday was not one that I can celebrate and have a cake cutting session. This is because I am still in mourning.

However, colleagues have been cool about it and for once, my supervisor sent me flowers on the day of my birthday. This coincides with my child care sick leave as my kids were unwell.

It was meant to be a surprise but I gave her a surprise instead. The flowers were sent to my old address (I forgot to update) and because of this, my supervisor has to pay an extra delivery charge. Indeed, I felt bad about it. But I was also pleasantly happy with it as this was the first time, I receive flowers via delivery. Initially I did not know who was the sender, but because it was sent to the old address, I suspected it was my supervisor and I was so right about it.

I put the flowers in my son’s water bottle. I realised I do not have vase. But hey, I guess the florals brighten up the home. Maybe I should make the house more cosy.

My colleagues wanted to give me a surprise on my birthday but because I was on child care leave, it was being postponed. Hence, just last Friday, they confirmed my attendance and then they

prepared a steamboat lunch for me and as well as a welcome lunch for a new colleague. Actually, there was more work to do, hence I told them, I may not come. So… after the last class, I was stunned to see both of them standing outside the room and pretended to be taking wefie. Ah… they were going to escort me to the venue so that I will not miss it.

So… it was a birthday lunch. And they even got me a present- CK One Gold. Such a thoughtful group of colleagues.

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