Year 2017 & 2018

I was planning about what to do for the year end after Christmas was over. Never did I expect year 2017 to end with a bad note. On 29th morning, we received a call from  2nd bro -in law and mentioned that our big bro- in- law had passed on. It was a surprised call for us as it was too unexpected.

Apparently, he had a seizure on the bus, and while on the way to hospital, he collapsed and CPR was rendered to him. However, the efforts were futile and passed away in the hospital. It was a bad period for the whole family as he was the big- hearted, considerate bro- in- law we had. Not only that, the kids loved him a lot as he was the person who always bought sweets for the kids. Whatever it is, he was known as the Sweet Uncle.

3 days later, another bad news. Grandmother in law passed on. She was 100. The news came to us on the morning of New Year.

As we had attended to bro in law’s funeral, we could not hop onto the other funeral just like that. We had to complete his funeral before going to Grandmother one day after.

In just a period of 7 days, we have to go through 2 entire different rituals for the family members.

As Grandmother passed on in the same week as the wake and funeral procession, it was coincidentally OH for my school. The energy I had have to spill over as we had to work during the weekend too. It was also the start of the children’s new school days and yeah, I have not even complete their book wrapping then. I had to do it in a rush!

Then the term break starts the following week and it went on and on…..

There, the super flu bug was awaiting for me. I got it! And now it has spread to my children.

While I am typing this entry, my kids had just settled down after the Dr’s visit. Their high fever was quite persistent even with Paracetamol. So I am on child care leave today to make sure they are ok before going back to school tomorrow.

Very COINCIDENTALLY, it’s both my mother & my birthday today!

Happy birthday to me & my mother!!

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