Out of the Vox: Death of Harry Lop

We went to fetch the kids from school during evening time. After dropping hubby at his destination, I drove the kids back home. On our way home, I broke the news of Harry Lop’s passing to the kids.

I thought it will be taken well by the children. However, it was not really so. Below was my conversation….

Me: “Hi children, I have something important to tell your”.

Avel: “What? Mummy….”

Me: Pausing a while…”Harry died this morning, so now no more Harry….”

Avel: “Harry died? Why he die?”

Me: Thinking again, how to reply Avel…at this point of time, my heart felt heavy.

Avel: “I want to see Harry when I reach home, ok?”

Me: “Avel, Harry no more at home. He died and Daddy and Mummy sent him away this morning. Jesus has taken Harry home and he is now at Rainbow bridge with his friends.”

Avel: “Why Jesus take away Harry?”

Me: “Because Harry was a good rabbit and Jesus decided to bring him home”.

Avel: “Why Harry go……I want to see Harry….”

At this point, she seemed to try to control her emotion.

Me: “Avel, when we die, we will also get to see Harry up in Heaven. Ok? He will be there when we go up to Heaven”.

Avel remained quiet and did not ask further questions.

Danson: “Mummy, I want to see Harry….”

Me: “Danson, Harry no more”.

Answering Danson was slightly easier as he still do not have any concept about death. However, Avel has encountered a few deaths of my hamsters before so it was not that new to her. She knew that when an animal died, it means the end and the animal will not wake up again. She has also watched documentaries about animals in Africa, especially when a lion attacked a deer, ate it and she knew this means death. Honestly, she was scared and sometimes, she will question why must the lion eat the deer. I have to explain this is natural and explained to her slightly about the ecosystem.

When we reached home, Danson was the first to run in to check on Harry….after he could not find him, he came and told us that “Harry, no more…” Avel simply went to wash her legs and demanded for her food. She did not instantly check on Harry like what she said in the car.

My guess for Avel was that either she still have not get the concept of death or she is aware what death is but does not think further than that.

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