Out of the Vox: Ben 10

Just a while ago, after handing Avel’s bottle of milk, she laid on the bed and I was removing the piece of tissue with scotch tape on her left hand. She has been wrapping around her wrist as though its like a wrist band. The she told me this.

Avel: “Mum, I want Ben 10 watch. I want Ben 10 card and I want Ben 10 green shirt”.

Me: “Why do you like Ben 10? It’s for boys”.

Avel: “I am a Ben 10 boy and I like Minghong”.

Me: ….

Avel: “I like Keira also”.

Me: ” She likes Ben 10 too”?

Avel: “Yes”.

Looks like my girl is into Ben 10 and not into princesses for this period of time.

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