Out of the Vox: Banana Moon

Lately, Danson has been talking about a particular thing- ok.. Not a thing but moon. He always tells me the banana ate the moon and then now the sky got a banana moon.

Initially, I had no idea what he was talking about until my helper told me that he meant the moon in a crescent shape. At that time, I was amused and told him that it was a crescent shaped moon and in no way that a banana can eat a moon. He just smiled at me and went on with his banana moon again.

Just now, while on the way back home, he told me about the banana moon was in the sky. I looked up and then I said to him. No, it’s not a banana moon today, it’s a watermelon moon as tonight’s moon is half shaped and Danson just smiles and nodded.

He is such a innocent chap…. 🙂

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