Out of the Vox: alligator

On Monday night, while preparing for the kiddos to sleep, we had a little short conversation.

Vel: “Mummy, I am planning to write a story and will put your name Ally (short form) as my main person, ok?”

Me: “Ok”.

So she pointed Ally on the piece of paper….

Ien: “alli… stands for alligator!”

Vel: “What?! That’s mummy’s name, you know?”

Ien: “It’s Alli ma… so alligator…”

I was looking at him sternly and he became afraid.

Me: “why did you make fun of my name?”

Ien: “But it’s alli ma…”

Vel and Dson were laughing at the back.

Me: “okie, it’s correct that alligator starts with alli, don’t cry ok?”

Ien: “okie Mummy, I am sorry.”

This sonny of mine is so random… but I heart him lots!

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Out of the Vox: PTC

The ever cheeky boy! Here goes the conversation…
Me: “So, tomorrow are you having school?”
Ien: “I don’t know…yes I think.”
Me: “ Teacher got say anything about tomorrow?”
Ien: “ya, tomorrow is PTC, Parents Talking Day, no school”
Me: 😣🙄
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Out of the Vox: smart boy

Conversation with my Darling Ien.Me: “right, go and bathe now and well, I have to off the tv”.
Ien: *sulks big time and threaten to cry”
Me: “let the tv rest and after that I let you watch an episode of Oggy”.
Ien goes bathe unwillingly.
In the bathroom
Ien: “Mum, I know you won’t on the tv later for me. Because it’s going to be bed time, right?”
Me: *taken back by his answer- “how do you know?”
Ien: “you said so, so that I won’t cry”.
Me: *speechless* *lol in my heart”
Sometimes he just gives me unexpected answers.

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Out of the Vox: Up the lorry

Well, anyone knows the meaning of “Up the lorry?”

In our Asian context, especially the Chinese in Singapore, when we say “somebody up the lorry already” it literally means that the person has died. (Sorry for the use of Singlish).

This conversation was between my hubby and sonny Ien. Yeah this young chap can talk things which surprise us from time to time.

Hubby was driving one day…

Hub: “Jia lat, up the lorry” (means Damn, die!)

Well, he was sharing with me, he was mentioning something and the words just came out like that….

Ien was sitting at the back of the car.

Ien: “Dad, which type of lorry do you want? They are many…”

Hub: *Speechless!

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Out of the Vox: Episode

Dear sonny Ien was watching TV one day and I think the series he was watching at that point of time was “Angry bird”.

Me: “Hey, Ien, finished, I can switch off the TV now”.

Ien: “Mum, next episode, please”.

Me: “What? Episode?”

I am alarmed by the vocabulary he is absorbing from school everyday. I remembered the word “episode” was still foreign to me when I was in secondary school. I even had problem with the pronunciation. “epi-so-de”…”ep-iso-de” What?!

I must definitely learn more to cope with the increased use of vocabulary by the kids.

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Out of the Vox: Tree

Last week, my boys were watching the new Chinese New Year songs on YouTube and there was a new compilation for 2016.

Hub was watching half way and signalled me to the direction of the boys who were paying extreme attention to the tv screen. 

Well, their faces were smiling away when they saw the ladies singing. Out of curiosity, hub asked who were their dream girls.

Hub: “so DS, who is your dream girl?”

DS: *face smiling away* “I don’t know”.

Hub: “really don’t know?”

DS: *shrugged his shoulder*

Hub: “hey, DI, who is your dream girl?”

DI: “three”

Hub was taken aback and told me there were 3 ladies singing and said “wow, all three, so greedy”.

DI: “no, no, tree…. There, the tree”

Hub: *speechless*

The next day, we managed to find out that one of the girls was his favourite. So we wondered what is his meaning of the three or tree.

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Out of the Vox: Girlfriend vs Mummy

A conversation I had with my boys on 1st July 2015 before their bedtime.

Oh my… My two boys are sharing with me that there is someone in their class who likes them. 
They also like the girls whom likes them. They are even talking about marrying them. My girl on the other hand, told me that no one loves her and she just smiles. She said she wants to stay with me and daddy forever. So sweet and thoughtful. 
Now my Danson is telling me that he is going to get a big house, move in with the girl and have a car…. Wow! And he said that when the girl go buy nail polish, he wants to accompany her. How about me?!! *sobs sobs*

An update of Dan boy about his 💖 today- 2nd July 2015, 5.45pm
Conversation started when picked him up from the childcare.
Dan: Mummy, the girl want to marry me.
Me: what? You went to ask her to marry you?
Dan: No, I ask her who she want to marry and she said me.
Me: ok…
Went to the car…
Me: so yesterday, you mentioned if she want to go buy nail polish, you will go with her. But what if mummy want to go, will you follow me?
Dan: (thought for a while) we all go together.
Me: No, no, I meant, if she go to another place and I want to go another place, who will you follow?
Dan: I will follow Mummy. But it will be good if we all go together.
Ha… A very clever answer….
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Out of the Vox: Why shadows cannot laugh?

Vel was preparing to sleep when suddenly she asked me this: “Why I faced my shadow, but my shadow is not laughing when I am laughing…”

Me: ~_~
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Out of the Vox: Animals knowledge

On the way to Dan’s violin lesson today, Vel started a conversation on animals…

Vel: “Mummy, there is a cockroach in the car when we first bought?”
Me: looking at her in a puzzled expression “no, not at all. When did we see cockroach in the car?” 
She laughed and Dan carried on… 
Dan: “mummy,mummy… Spiders eat cockroaches right?”
This started an interesting thread of Q&A.
Me: “Not in a way, but the thing is small animals will get eaten by big animals, followed by bigger ones and then the biggest one… This is how it works… Well, of course, it also depends whether the animal or insect is sick or weak, if it is … Even the biggest will be eaten by the smallest one….”
Vel: “so the lion will be eaten by the crocodile?”
Me: “hmm… Lions live in the wild grassland where there is little chance for them to see the crocodile unless they are near the river”
Dan: “So the lions will eat the elephant?”
Me: “basically, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras live in the same environment- grassland… So lions will eat them when they are hungry. But not all of them will be eaten by lion unless they are injured, sick or weak. They have the chance to
Escape if possible…
Vel: “you know, Mummy, chameleon change colors? They can change to green, brown or even near to
Mushroom color if they want to….”
Hubby: ” I don’t even know that…”
Me: ” yes, Vel, you are right, they change so that they won’t be recognised by their enemies and won’t get eaten up. So did you know what animal eat the Chameleon?”
Dan: “lion!”
Me: “not exactly… They can climb trees”
Vel: ” yes mummy… Lion cannot
Climb trees but leopard can…”
Me: ” so guess.. Which one will win if the lion and leopard are to run a race?”
Vel: “the lion because he is the king of the grassland”
Me: “although the lion is the king but he may not be necessarily the one to win…Leopard… Because it runs very fast…. Can be up to 100km/h…..”
At this time… Hubby asked me…
Hubb: ” so let’s say we put a lion, leopard, cheetah and a panther together and run a race, which one will win?”
Me: “leopard?”
Hubb: “no, a cheetah. They keep records of the amount of speed they run in the different species”.
Vel: “mummy… Last time elephants are brown in color you know?”
Me:” yes yes!!! Those were during the dinosaur- ice age and they were called Mammoths at that time…and do you know which animal/ insects have been the longest living thing around??”
Dan and Vel were thinking of the answer….
Me: “it’s the cockroach!”
Vel & Dan: “ew!”
Hubb: ” dear.. Your good friend”
I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations with them on animals as I love to study about the universe, physics, biology and animals. Most importantly, sharing a meaningful and learning conversation. 
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Out of the Vox: Vel’s confession

Nowadays, I love to converse with Vel. This little girl is starting to talk like an adult sometimes.
The other day, she confided in me that a little boy in her class likes her and the conversation (according to her) goes like this.

Issa: “I like you Vel!”

Vel felt happy and proud. She knows Issa likes her best friend too and she told Issa on his face.

Vel: “You can choose one only”.

Of course aftter that, hubby and I talked to her and told her at this age, she is supposed to learn and not discussion who is liking who….

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