Severe back pain

3 days ago, I woke up with soreness on my hip area. I thought it might have to do with some strain since I was cleaning up the dog area the previous day. On another hand, I thought it might have to do with the monthly cycles. But this soreness spread from the loin to… Read More Severe back pain


Birthday surprises

This year’s birthday was not one that I can celebrate and have a cake cutting session. This is because I am still in mourning. However, colleagues have been cool about it and for once, my supervisor sent me flowers on the day of my birthday. This coincides with my child care sick leave as my… Read More Birthday surprises


Friends from Afar

Lately, we have been watching “Friends from Afar”. It’s about aliens coming to earth to explore about earth and earthlings. It was so interesting to watch that my kids and I will catch the episodes on a daily basis. Now, what happens is that… nowadays, whenever we go out, we will be mindful of what… Read More Friends from Afar


My wedding anniversary gift

from my husband. Happy to the max! Though at times, the connection may drop… but I like the fact that when I removed it from the case, iPhone will sense it. If I take out one of the AirPods from my ear, music will stop. One more thing, battery charges very fast! 😉 https://flic.kr/p/Ebjrjq

Mommy's Thoughts

Night thoughts

How I wish I can finish reading up my papers and write my 6000 words assignment. Complete it and that is it. I want to simply enjoy my nov-jan months as it consists of anniversaries, birthdays and Xmas + new year day! Taking a distance learning programme is definitely tough. Though everyone will think it’s… Read More Night thoughts