Half a year gone

Just when everything settled down and I can have more time for hobbies, a myriad of to do lists just came swarming by and I have been trying to clear it one by one but to no avail.

And 1/2 a year has passed and I could not appreciate the fine beauties or moments in life. It just zap and zap the time away. 😖

Recently, I heard of an analogy of toilet paper. It depicts one’s life.

When you start to use a new toilet roll, it rolls slowly, just like when we were young, we find that time pass very slowly. When the toilet roll is running out, it turns fast… again, in life, when we are at the older stage, time pass very fast.

Upon hearing it, I just could not agree more!

Cherish your moments in life and slow down to smell the roses. 🌹

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My blog

I felt surprised and happy that my current blog is still alive. In December, I tried to access the blog but was faced with a prompt that the URL does not exist. But it did not occur to me that it was due to a system error.

Luckily, hub told me about the renewal date…. that’s when I decided to find out if it was still alive! At least my 2020 entries were not deleted. Though I blogged less, it means I am occupied every moment. 😊

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Stay at @Rasa Sentosa

We had a family staycation at Rasa Sentosa from 23-25th Dec 2020. It has been a year plus since we had our staycay back in Jun 2019. During this COVID period, we were not able to go out much and spent most of the time at home. So this staycay was a must-go and we celebrates Ien’s birthday during this time annually. 

During the check-in, we nearly could not have the staycation due to the COVID-19 guideline where only 4 visitors are only allowed to stay. Luckily, the hotel managed to find one with interconnecting rooms and we carried on with our stay. The kids were happy too. Of course, we need to top up a few hundreds more to make this possible. 

A collage of pictures will say a thousand words.

See the smile on Ien’s face…

We also played uno- a first for all of us to play together and the kids began to understand the game better. 

This staycay, we did more relaxing and chilling in the hotel, plus using the swimming pool facilities and a bit of walk about. However, the number of activities were also reduced and thus, explained why we stayed in hotel most of the time. 

We went to Fort Siloso on the last day and toured a bit of the place.

It’s a season of bonding, recharging and rejuvenation before we start school and work next week!

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Vel started her PSLE oral, English on Thursday and I was feeling excited but worried about her. Worrying because, she has this tendency of having butterflies in her stomach. Luckily, everything went well. She tried her best.

On Friday, we slept in late as we thought her Chinese oral was at 11am.

The house photo kept ringing and I thought it was my mother who was trying to get my dad. Little did I expect a phone from the school and was told that Vel’s slot was actually 7.15am. The clock was 7.35am when I was on the phone. Quickly, we rushed her to the school

It’s really important to read the instructions carefully. Fortunately, we are living just opposite the school. She reached at 7.57am and settled down before her oral.

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My Encounter with Thermie

Thermomix (Thermie), as I affectionately called is a cookbot which hub purchased for me a few months back. Since last year, we had chanced upon this Thermie cooker when we were at a church friend’s house and hub was amazed by the dishes it can produced. As the cost was kind of expensive, we did away with the thought of getting it.

However, when the circuit breaker measures hit off in April, I had a hard time trying to think of dishes to cook and because of the frenzy state that supermarkets had, we did many online food orders from Foodpanda and Grab.

The experience of being subscribed to Foodpanda was good initially. But when during the midway, my orders were either canclled on me or wrong food was being delivered. Worse thing is, they are not able to re-deliver and just merely refund or send you some vouchers, hopefully, you will be appeased and use the vouchers for the next order. Indeed, it is a good way to win the customer back. However, a few more times when the order was cancelled last minute, it was really the last straw. I proposed to hub to get a thermomix. At that time, Missyqiqi was very active, showcasing her toy. I was bought in.

I decided to go for the advisor way and see if I can see some cookers so that I can reduce the full cost by half. Selling 1 or 2 also good, right?

This is my 3rd month and I have yet to make any sales from the people I recommended to.

Anyway, my verdict of Thermie is 5 stars!!

I never never never regret buying it!!!

  • Taste good like restaurant standard
  • reduction of cooking time
  • over 10000 or more recipes to explore
  • over 20 functions and can do anything from stir frying to baking and making smoothie
  • family loves what i cook and this is an important factor –> let me tell you why

It really makes me complete as a wife and mother/ daughter as I whipped up delicious food and everybody in the family are satisfied with the food I cooked. It is indeed an achievement and a joy.

Adding this entry in my blog so that I can remember the reason for buying a thermie then!!

If you are interested to find out more and wish to chat with me over this, feel free!

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Father’s Day

Every year, we celebrate Father’s Day. It’s a special day to remember for the good he has done for us and playing the role of a father figure in our family. This year is no exception. However, my father’s health condition is not good these days. A few years more to come, I wonder how Father’s Day will mean to us. Hopefully, while he is at his best condition, he remembers us.

My dad has been diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disorder and though it is known to be slowly progressing, but when we knew of his condition, it could be somewhere between the mild to moderate stage. These days, his tremors is more obvious, becomes forgetful easily , short attention span, lost interests in his surroundings and tends to withdraw from our social talks.

My sis and I are trying to engage him, trying to take more photographs of him. We 💖  him a lot and we just want to spend more time with him.

Meanwhile, I searched for some essential oils to help him with his condition. He responds greatly to smell and the other day, he was feeling nausea and I applied Digize on him. He told me the smell is very strong and he squirmed when he smelled it. I had a good laugh. But after I rubbed on his abdomen, he somehow felt more relaxed and was able to sleep soundly through the night.

From the search, there were suggestions to use some essential oils to calm him, trigger his emotions and stays focus. Gonna do this blend for him so that he will be able to sustain this energy on him.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Especially to my father, husband and my brother in law. Thank you for working so hard and giving the best to the family!

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COVID-19 CB Measures

These two months of circuit breaker measures has definitely changed the way we work and our usual lifestyle. For many people who are full time workers, it is not very easy to work from home. I know that there are people who welcomed this measure as this will allow spending more time with the family and not 100% work at home. It’s not easy to struggle between family and work at the same time- whatever it is, there is always this 60-40 or 30-70 ratio of work-life.

Somehow, or rather, I adjusted my life to work from home (WFH) and time flashed past, the circuit breaker measures came to an end! Yeah, it is that fast!

Now, with the new norm which is part of our daily lifestyle, I am definitely fine with WFH! To go back to office and work, is something which I may have to adjust back to again after these two months!

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