Today is the last day of October and very coincidentally it’s Halloween!

Trick or treat?

Many things happened in October as I have a change of portfolio and I am learning on the job! As much as I would 💖 to return to blogging, every time I sat in front of the computer, trying my best to blog… but nothing is churned out. I am perplexed myself.

Looking for inspiration … looking for photos… looking through the things I did in the past few days. But there is absolutely no ideas about what to write? I don’t think I am bored of blogging.

I guess I have to start a little per day…

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July 2018

July 2018 was a horrid month as there were many to-do list to complete. Up till now, I can not believe how I have struggled through that month. What were my to-do list you may wonder….

  1. to plan skills assessment for over 600 students – the logistics and schedule
  2. to guide a fellow colleague (new) to plan the scenarios for the conso and ensuring that the pre- and post- tests were ready
  3. to run my own clinical project for my Master’s and to complete the assignment within 2 weeks
  4. my dog’s death
  5. my dad’s medical appt
  6. kids work
  7. housework
  8. ndp rehearsals

There were many more which were considered minor but all came at one go. At that time, my mind was looking forward to the start of August as many of the tasked should be completed by then.

Indeed, when 1st Aug arrived, I heaved a sigh of relief….a relief that felt the rock in my heart got dropped out of the mind. Aug is busy too…with the completion of the module I was running, I have to consolidate all the marks, complete my marking and entering of the marks within 2 weeks. The following week will be the start of another program…….leaving me with exactly a month to plan for another course which I will be taking for a total of 2 years. Not really wanting to think about it now. I will just take a day at a time.

Goodnight World!


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Errors in WordPress updates

I have been trying to update WordPress version but it kept churning an error message. In the end, I decided to delete the entire site and re-install WordPress. But doing so will actually erase all the initial widgets I had in place.

I guess I have to sacrifice it in order to make it work again.

July is finally over and I managed to complete my Masters and also most of my module run was more or less settled too! Now, is the final moment to really catch up on whatever marking I have before the next wave of work comes in again!

NDP is over and yeah, another milestone completed.


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Back soon!

I will start blogging again after a few months of hiatus!

Many deadlines to meet and I am overwhelmed!

Right now, I just wish to complete my last module of my master course before I call it quits!

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Guns are always boys’ first love

Have a little boy touch the gun and they will remember it for life! What’s more when they have the little bullets shooting around the house.

I declare … Nerf guns are my enemies.


When I tidy the house, I will always find one lying at a little corner, forgotten. I have to keep shouting to the boys to pick it up. Sometimes they do, sometimes no.

I have to object to the hubbie when he agreed to the boys’ request of purchasing new Nerf guns. But my objections went on deaf ears and my fear is that, hubbie will get one himself.

*cross fingers*

They always say…. hubbie is a big kid. Now I do agree with that statement.

Well, they got their new Nerf guns after pestering the hubbie for two weeks!

One of them is carrying the Zombie Strike edition.


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Getting back my reading habit

I used to love reading. That was perhaps more than a decade ago. Ever since I had my first child, I always find it hard to find time to have my “me” time.

Gradually, it was getting harder as I have to juggle with my work and family.

I hope that after completing my studies in June ( I hope to), I can free some time for myself so that I can continue with my 💖 for reading and perhaps, some hobbies which I used to do so for example, crocheting or cross stitch. My Precious Moment- Noah’s Ark has been kept in the cupboard for more than 10 years! Yes, that is really long. I bet the cloth has turned her yellow!

My first book I bought today!

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Severe back pain

3 days ago, I woke up with soreness on my hip area. I thought it might have to do with some strain since I was cleaning up the dog area the previous day. On another hand, I thought it might have to do with the monthly cycles. But this soreness spread from the loin to the thigh area. It became worse when I rest on bed supine and attempt to sit up from the bed.

Something is very wrong here. I am really wondering if it has to do with a fall back 6 months ago or the Thai traditional massage a month ago where one of them tried to “crack” my spine. (I won’t ever do such massage again). And this symptom just occur suddenly. Somehow I felt that one of the spinal disc is “creaking”.

I tried Extra Panadol, Anarex and even Synflex for the pain… but not much of a relief.

Currently at the polyclinic, awaiting my turn to see the doctor. I hope it has nothing to do with my spine, kidneys, or even reproductive system. *pray hard*

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Birthday surprises

This year’s birthday was not one that I can celebrate and have a cake cutting session. This is because I am still in mourning.

However, colleagues have been cool about it and for once, my supervisor sent me flowers on the day of my birthday. This coincides with my child care sick leave as my kids were unwell.

It was meant to be a surprise but I gave her a surprise instead. The flowers were sent to my old address (I forgot to update) and because of this, my supervisor has to pay an extra delivery charge. Indeed, I felt bad about it. But I was also pleasantly happy with it as this was the first time, I receive flowers via delivery. Initially I did not know who was the sender, but because it was sent to the old address, I suspected it was my supervisor and I was so right about it.

I put the flowers in my son’s water bottle. I realised I do not have vase. But hey, I guess the florals brighten up the home. Maybe I should make the house more cosy.

My colleagues wanted to give me a surprise on my birthday but because I was on child care leave, it was being postponed. Hence, just last Friday, they confirmed my attendance and then they

prepared a steamboat lunch for me and as well as a welcome lunch for a new colleague. Actually, there was more work to do, hence I told them, I may not come. So… after the last class, I was stunned to see both of them standing outside the room and pretended to be taking wefie. Ah… they were going to escort me to the venue so that I will not miss it.

So… it was a birthday lunch. And they even got me a present- CK One Gold. Such a thoughtful group of colleagues.

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Year 2017 & 2018

I was planning about what to do for the year end after Christmas was over. Never did I expect year 2017 to end with a bad note. On 29th morning, we received a call from  2nd bro -in law and mentioned that our big bro- in- law had passed on. It was a surprised call for us as it was too unexpected.

Apparently, he had a seizure on the bus, and while on the way to hospital, he collapsed and CPR was rendered to him. However, the efforts were futile and passed away in the hospital. It was a bad period for the whole family as he was the big- hearted, considerate bro- in- law we had. Not only that, the kids loved him a lot as he was the person who always bought sweets for the kids. Whatever it is, he was known as the Sweet Uncle.

3 days later, another bad news. Grandmother in law passed on. She was 100. The news came to us on the morning of New Year.

As we had attended to bro in law’s funeral, we could not hop onto the other funeral just like that. We had to complete his funeral before going to Grandmother one day after.

In just a period of 7 days, we have to go through 2 entire different rituals for the family members.

As Grandmother passed on in the same week as the wake and funeral procession, it was coincidentally OH for my school. The energy I had have to spill over as we had to work during the weekend too. It was also the start of the children’s new school days and yeah, I have not even complete their book wrapping then. I had to do it in a rush!

Then the term break starts the following week and it went on and on…..

There, the super flu bug was awaiting for me. I got it! And now it has spread to my children.

While I am typing this entry, my kids had just settled down after the Dr’s visit. Their high fever was quite persistent even with Paracetamol. So I am on child care leave today to make sure they are ok before going back to school tomorrow.

Very COINCIDENTALLY, it’s both my mother & my birthday today!

Happy birthday to me & my mother!!

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Friends from Afar

Lately, we have been watching “Friends from Afar”. It’s about aliens coming to earth to explore about earth and earthlings. It was so interesting to watch that my kids and I will catch the episodes on a daily basis.

Now, what happens is that… nowadays, whenever we go out, we will be mindful of what is flying across the sky. Sometimes, I will tell my kids to save on resources, do not waste food… all thanks to the drama. But my kids do take into consideration nowadays that they are not supposed to waste food or else it’s a loss of resources. 👍🏻👍🏻

Flying objects like these will make us curious and check what exactly is happening.

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